Friday, March 28, 2008

WSG and Voice of Saturn


Uriah said...

Are you selling your little cardboard gizmos? Cos I would love a set.

That's it.

Thank you.
<3 Uriah

Christopher said...

would you please explain a little more about the control surface? Where do you find the conductive paint product? and how is it applied. I have been looking for a product like this for my own controller, for modular synth.

These modules are beautiful and very creative. Thanks for sharing them.

ofir said...

for now the project is no comercial. the costs of the samplers are too high because the price of the conductive paint (pure silver and copper) and the long time needed for making one...

but i will consider to try and
produce some in the future for
limited edition sell.

the paint applied with sticker stencils and a small brush.
and im sorry,i dont know the brand of the paint. i got it from a friend. you can find all kinds
of conductive paints over the internet and in ebay.

Christopher said...

Thanks, I googled the paint product after leaving my reply. I found a number of different versions of the silver paint; it was much more common than I expected. I had thought of using conductive paint for a keyboard-like controller before, but I didn't know if there really was such a product that would work for this application. After seeing your project, I'm now very inspired and confident to try this method. Thanks again, great post.

ofir said...

good luck!