Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"ohm" lo-fi cardboard sampler

“Ohm” is a series of electronic lo-fi noiseboxes/recorders made with laser cut grey cardboard.
the interface and the inner circuits are printed with a special conductive paint.
by touching the printed surface the user can modify the sound in different ways.

My new noisemaker is my final design studies project. this project was directed by designer barak asher during 2008 , shenkar college of design, Israel.

the happy family

watch the video's

more at youtube:

the small one

the "chop" option

some more pictures
taken by the photographer sasha flit

some pictures from my design process

lasercut cardboard boxes

silk screen printing by an expert:)

a conductive paint printed on the cardboard

some circuit graphics
(font "dragon" by ben nathan)the inner circuit
(not realy functional...)

the microphone

experiments with electronics

this is actually the first working model of the sampler

...and this is the inside

my sam is a rock star wannabe!


Holy Rodent said...

Elegant design. Form + function.

I want the whole family of them.


cfishy said...

wow awesome. what paint is it? How do you make sure components' the connection to the circuit board is sound?

Anonymous said...

outstanding! You just hit every possible geek factor for me. Lofi + sampling + physical computing.

very very impressed!

ofir said...

thanks guys!
this is a special (and vry expensive) formula of paint made with pure silver and copper.

the parts inside are attached with glue.

midori said...

Is she silkscreening on some form of adhesive? It looks like the painting of the conductive paint is applied by hand without much precision and then the excess is peeled off. Is that your process? I'd love to know how you do this, it'd be great for so many applications!

ofir said...

yes, the paint applied on a pvc sticker that i designed by illustrator and was cut buy a plotter cutter.
i applied the paint on the the exposed areas with a small brush
and peeled it after the paint was dry.

ofir said...

..but there was silkscreen when i needed to print the words of the front pannel, on the buttom, and the circuit inside.
and this used a traditional silkscreening.

Suzanne Kraft said...

any plans on selling these? I would love to have one.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what conductive paint you used for this project. I'm trying to hunt some down.

Ideas for work: A unseen colourfield said...

Oh my word, beautiful. Put me down for a set if ever they get produced. Amazing.

Unknown said...

is that a greeting card module on that picture with your breadboard? any plans on publishing your circuit? it really looks like the most simple and effective lo fi sampler circuit I ve seen so far on the web. great project man!