Monday, September 26, 2011

Viscount intercontinental UFO 61 organ

This is a strange looking Italian organ + rhythm box combo, it is from the late 70's and absolutely has it's own character and sound. the rhythm box sounds really good and there is something like note accompany.
the organ has also wha- wha effect and vibrato. i like the design ,most parts made from real wood and it has
a built in speaker.note the UFO 61 logo. nice!

*a little update: here is the forgotten video i took while i had the instrument... sorry for the poor audio quality. it's not a good demonstration at all but it can give you a vague idea of how it sounds.


Watoo Watoo said...

It looks great!
Have you recorded its sound?

0ne0ff said...

yes i did ... i need to find the video and i'll update the post. anyway i don't have the keyboard anymore.

Unknown said...

Hey there, looking to buy one of these and this is about the only decent information I can find! Would you be able to describe the sound a little, or better still upload your video?

alan morris said...

got one of these for sale if anyone's interested north east UK sensible offers

0ne0ff said...
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0ne0ff said...

OK, sorry for the delay with posting back... i almost forgot about this post.
well, this is a nice organ beat box combo ,i don't have or owned any similar instruments so i i can't compare it to anything. the setup and the sounds are quite basic without too many ways of "modulations". but the organ is usable and sounds good. the beat box is great IMO. i uploaded the video, it's a silly presentation of the instrument (if any at all) but it will make you figure out how it sounds.

0ne0ff said...


Julián R Tunni said...

Hi, I'm from Argentina and I purchased that rare specimen a few months ago.
It looks really good, but after a heavy use, the G clef zone started working intermitently. In fact the volume is really low.
Also some of the switches for the effects have stopped working.

I think that this is some kind of contact problem in the circuits, or the fact that the circuit is really dirty.

What I want to know, is if have you got some kind of manual, or circuit map. Or anything! This is a very rare keyboard and there is no info in the internet of it.

Thanks, bye!

0ne0ff said...

Hi, unfortunately i don't have any documentation, i also dont have the keyboard anymore.
i would start and check all the wires and solder joints before i get to the chips. this keyboard build quality is not the best , as many Italian made keyboards out there, but on the other hand it's not too complex and if i remember right there are no rare IC's
and components.also every IC has a
socket , so no need to solder anything.
after you check all the wires,i would check if the sockets are clean, and then i would try to replace these lm3900 opamps.

good luck!

Amega Wand Over Here said...

How much is one of these UFO 61 organs actually worth please advise?

Cliff Airey said...

I have one of these inm Bristol, England that I might consider selling. Needs some love and cleaning but it all functions :)

merton mick said...

Cliff, Have you still got the UFO 61 for sale...would like to come up and take a look !

Avigdor Liberman said...

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