Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Korg mini pops SR-120

I got this rhythm box from eBay, this one got a kick in the face sometime between 1978 and now... the damage wasn't so bad , there was an ugly dent by the rhythm buttons and one button was pressed inside with no ability to depress. she also got one broken (but functional) knob, not an important one though.other these minor things the condition is good inside and out.  i fixed the dent and also managed to fix the button and now everything works perfect, all the sounds are crisp and loud and she is happy. i always wanted the SR-120 which considered to be the flagship of the Korg Mini pops series, and it has a variety of sounds and rhythm options.it looks very good and kinda reminds me the Roland Cr-78  by the size and design . when i'll have time i'll add some separate outs and clock out for syncing with the rest of the machines.

here she is with my beloved Roland CR-8000

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