Thursday, June 21, 2012

Etching my PCB's

Finally... after some crazy, labor intense soldering work i decided to give it a try:
making my own PCB's. you can find some good modules out there, from names like Thomas HenryYves Usson (yusynth), and Ray wilson (MFOS), they offer the PCB art (for personal use only)
and all the schematics and part list that you need for your home brewed DIY modular synthesizer.
till now the only thing that made me slowly progress was the fact that i'm not making the actual 
pcb's (but trying to solder all the traces by hand). so i ordered all the materials and PCB's
from intertex  and gave it a try. the results are amazing. i chose the Presensitized Positive Photo Resist PCB's
method, because i've seen some videos and pictures of finished pcb's and decided that this method is more precise and "predictable" when you're working according to the directions.  i got 3 boards done :the Minimoog filter clone and the VCO from Yusynth and the XR VCO from Thomas henry . you can see the results and one stuffed PCB below.


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