Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Korg ms-20 overhaul

This korg ms-20 was in quite a  poor cosmetic shape, one plastic end was hanging loose and taped to the body with duck tape ,there are a lot of scratches on the paint, one key was broken and everything was very dirty. technically the power supply was intermittent , so when  the synth was moved the power was gone.
surprisingly the electronics inside are like new, just like it was never opened. someone drilled a guitar strap 
buttons on the sides. mmmm... not sure why... looks like it was belong to a band sometime back in the days.
it had also a white sticker on top with the hand writing "korg # 3" .
i cleaned , put some missing screws, bought a new key and cleaned the hell out of it. the power thing was a broken wire. now he's back in shape and sounds amazing.

 the filter section ... yummy korg-35 filter chips

back on it's feet again 

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