Thursday, October 18, 2012

kraftwerk never used my synthi!

While browsing in the latest issue of  MOJO magazine in an interview with kraftwerk i noticed a picture of
a familiar EMS synthi which was taken from this very blog ... actually it's this picture which i took before selling that synthi. it's funny but the only reason i noticed that is the special order i placed the pins on the matrix .

I gotchya mojo mag.! go get your own synthi to picture...


Aija said...

haha! what a laugh.
they also got the descriptions wrong. in the autobahn picture, the last in row aint Schultz. it's a collage, and it's Flür. in the original photo there was Schult. i don't know any Schultz however.

0ne0ff said...

Well, why am I not surprised :)