Thursday, December 27, 2012

CGS super psycho modulation source is ready

I've been waiting for so long to finish this module and i was very curious about what it can actually do. well, i'm really satisfied with it! . the 6 Lfo's can be used to modulate other gear in the traditional way, Or to perform as a free running oscillators in different rates. this way when connecting the module to an amp, it acts like a sound source while it outputs slow endless drones in the low frequency's and more ring modulation kind of sounds in the highs. since all the lfo's outputs goes to one output together, i've added a mod that disconnects the first 2 Lfo's (which you can also chose their shapes- ramp or triangle) from the summing mixer with a switch, so i could route these to 2 separate outs. this adds more control when modulating other modules.

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