Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Great Electronic Records finds from the past year - Part 2

SLUGBUG - Track Month

Wow !!! what can i say, so many genres that i like in one record.
for me it's definitely the best american synth related LP for 2013.
i describe it as Nerdsynthpunk but it's only a shortcut for the names running in my head...
 if you don't know SLUGBUG yet check out his Vids on YouTube.
This Texas synth wizard recorded all his analog gear into 8 track analog tape
and then cut it to vinyl in a 100% analog process.AAA.
Slugbug added an insert to his LP with a table of each track, where and when it was recorded and the gear used for it ,nice!   only 287 LPs left ...

check out his bandcamp here:

Zodiac-Disco Alliace

Really nice 70's fat cosmic disco record from USSR.
Used ARP Omni and ARP Odyssey in this LP.

Beaver and Krause - Ragnarok -(electric funk 1969)

Another 70's Moogish album...
OK, i wish i had this LP, i got other LPs from B&K (In a Wild sanctuary) but ragnarok is extremely rare and electronic.

Solvent -Solvent city

i got everything from solvent on CD's but wanted to get some on Vinyls so this would be the first one. Delicious !!!

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