Thursday, December 19, 2013

A fast project for the weekend: a Fuzz Face pedal clone

So what can you actually build with some leftovers resistors, caps, and 2 transistors?
How about a fuzz box?
I've never tried a distortion unit with my synths or drum machines. just did not feel it's a 'must have' effect unit.
Then, this last weekend i ran into this webpage 'Fuzz Central'
With some pics and circuits of what is considers to be a clone of classic pedal - the Fuzz Face distortion pedal .
Well, it took me an hour to built it and another hour to find what it can actually do.
This thing kicks ass!
Here is the first circuit i've built :

i also added sockets in order to try different transistors. the loose wires in the picture goes to certain interesting points in the circuits that can make this board into something else-
a noise machine from hell !!! just add a potentiometer or even touch it with your finger.

But then - an unfortunate incident happened when i tried to add an on/off switch.
i'll just say that: don't ever get too excited and try to drill in a box while the circuit is still inside!
things can get really messy...

so i needed to built another box. the loose wires went to 'touch bolts' on the side and here she is-
just few $ worth of parts and hours of fun .

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