Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Flanger+ Ring modulator + MIC Amp In one pannel

My new effort to combine as much modules as possible in one panel.
This panel contains the MN3207 Flanger from here and a passive ring modulator
from the same type that you can find here, and a simple MIC Amp which you can find everywhere ...
The 3 modules only can be hours of fun when connecting an oscillator output to the flanger to the ring mod
with the addition of your voice to the other ring mod input ...and this is only one option.
Everything works with only one 9V battery so it also can be built in a small box if you like.
The ring mod is absolutely the best I've heard , and its only takes 2 transformers and 4 germanium diodes.
very simple and effective! this kind of technology has been used in the 50's and 60's for some sound effects for movies and commercials.
The flanger is a great addition to a modular synth, i also added a mod which makes it more "airplanish" motor kind of sound with the addition of 6 positions switch and 6 different caps for different colors - from
a mild buzz to a total crashing motor sounds. of course you can have the normal flanger sound as well.
I've also added a LED to the flanger LFO circuit in order to 'see' the actual flanging phase.

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