Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Great Electronic Records finds from the past year

some gems from the past year most of them are from the obscure /unknown side .
its fun to find 'new electronic music just as you thought you know almost everything....

1. Johan timman- trip into the body (1981)

I got this AMAZING LP on MP3 for too long but recently i decided to buy it on vinyl, just to have a hard copy - like im trying to do with most of the MP3 i have.
This almost unknown dutch composer is making juicy and melodic cosmic/electronic music with modular moogs and vocoders. yummy!
This album is a must have masterpiece IMO.

2.Telex - Sex  (1982)

Another great album from this Belgian synth pop/Electro group. a nice mint condition find for 8$.

3.Robert Marlow - No heart 12" (Bside )

A big hit from 1983 by robert marlow, the song in the video is the 7" version but i even like the 12" better. vince clarke was working with marlow and you can hear it right away...

4.Mort garson - Plantasia

Such a great concept to but an album for your plants, it also comes with a booklet which tells 
you what you should play to each plant :)
Well, this album wasn't cheap , it also wasn't in such a great shape . but i HAD to Buy it!
This music is fat and melodic, and mort garson is a brilliant composer. i can understand why plants likes it so much . i never saw this on a CD or in a Vinyl reissue. such a shame! 

5.The plastic cow goes moog- by Mike Melvoin

Another  moog-covers LP, beautifuly made and a great stereo quality .

for some reason i cant share the youtube vids here but check them out :

* i bought so many records in the past year so TBC.

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