Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sierra 1914C Data Tsansmission Test Set

looks like a close relative of the Synthi Aks or maybe more like the Synthi 100 with this big matrix and the
Nixie tubes display. it weights a lot (portable??) and has this brown aluminum case -reminds me the Buchla music easel case . this is a beautiful piece of equipment. there are some switches that makes the display run from 00 to 99 in different speeds. i flipped few more switches and actually got some kind of sound out of  the built in speaker (some kind of fax machine sound). i don't have a clue what this machine was originally for but i'm pretty sure that it probably cost a fortune back in the days (70's?) . i'm really holding myself right now not to modify it into a patch-able modular synthesizer/sequencer . i think that i'll keep it for a while and think what i'm actually going to do with it. also, it would be nice to connect some of the digital outputs to some of the CV inputs in my modular ...

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